Decision Support 2000+

The Center for Mental Health Services and other national collaborators are developing Decision Support 2000+, a web-based program incorporating all kinds of mental health data. Public and private organizations would report and use data on populations, utilization, practice guidelines, performance measurement, finance, organization, and staffing. Data would come from payers, health plans, providers, programs, and consumers. To make appropriate use of the data, DS2000+ will develop standards for minimum data sets, measures, and data collection and analysis procedures.

Although only in the initial development stage, the conceptual framework for this powerful decision-making tool can be viewed at Check it out and give developers your ideas directly on the web site.



NIMH Research Dissemination Project

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is developing a new project to promote rapid communication of cutting edge scientific research to influence community practice. The new outreach network currently involves 18 state mental health associations as well as NAMI and some national organizations. NIMH provides the network participants with research updates, online networking, educational materials, and $5,000 annually. If you want to respond to the next RFP, look for it online at or contact Elaine Baldwin, NIMH Public Liaison Officer at 301/443-4536.

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