Outcomes – To move Arizona’s public behavioral health system from an emphasis on structural, regulatory and procedural concerns to a focus on measurable clinical and systems outcomes.

Integration – To more closely integrate communication, care and referral between primary and mental health providers, and to integrate services for children and families between state agencies and mental health providers.

Leadership – As measured by the adoption and implementation of best practices in mental health and state and national recognition for innovation in the financing and delivery of behavioral health services.

Dissemination of Best Practices Research
     Issue briefs, web site, forums and workshops.

Education and Advocacy
     Targeted support for Arizona education and advocacy groups, public education campaigns, education and training for mental health professionals, consumers/families, managers and administrators; implementation forums, conferences, workshops.

Development and Application of Performance Indicators
     Establishing baseline assessment of selected systems outcome indicators and measuring performance over time.

Needs Assessment and Technical Assistance
     Appropriate assistance direction to mental health organizations to improve performance over time.

Seed Funding for Project Development
     Core start-up support for projects that can be extended and sustained over time.

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